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3 Quick Games to Play After a Long Day

Sometimes after a long day of either child rearing, work, or just dealing with the mundane, it feels good to just sit down and not think about anything. That is totally fine, and if you’re anything like me that is all you want to do. But, if you’re also like me sometimes you get the itch to give your brain something fun to do right before bed.

Whether it be with a roommate or with a partner it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you just want a quick game to take the edge off. As someone who thrives in this camp, let me offer you three games that you can play after a long day. These are going to be games with minimal setup, low playtime, but still enough crunch to make each play interesting.

Blood of an Englishman

The blood of an Englishman game
The Blood of an Englishman

This two-player asymmetric abstract card game puts the players in the role as either Jack or the Giant from the classic Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale. Through different means of card manipulation both players will take turns trying to arrange cards, set in five rows of ten, to stop the other player from reaching their goal. For Jack it is to build three beanstalks and steal the giant’s treasure, and for the Giant it is to arrange the Fee, Fi, Fo, and Fum cards up or down on the board. With a great tug of war and clever but approachable asymmetry this game delivers a quick brain burn without overloading on rules, leaving players with a brilliant end game tension and the winner feeling clever for outwitting their foe.

the blood of an Englishman game
The Blood of an Englishman


veggies card game
veggies game

In Veggies players are creating produce stands in hopes that they will be the most successful at attracting customers. But where there is delicious fruit there are also hungry rats waiting in crates to eat it. This card game is a charming little tile placement experience in disguise. Players will try to arrange the various fruits and vegetables on their cards into large groups while at the same time, trying to minimize the number of rats in their stand as well. Not only will you get a lovely little efficiency puzzle and player interactive end game scoring with each play of Veggies, but you also get the benefit of creating something unique every time you finish your stand.

veggies board game
veggies card game

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats board game
Mountain Goats game

Sometimes you want to just chuck some dice, right? Well, here in Mountain Goats you can do just that. In this game you are playing like goats trying to make it to the top of six different mountains and trying to stay up there as long as possible. How do you do that? Roll dice and make combinations of numbers with them. Based on what combos you make, send your goats to the top and do your best to keep them there! With a healthy mixture of luck, timing, and risk this game is a hit with every player count and group of gamers you’ll play it with. Plus… goat meeples.

mountain goats board game
Mountain Goats game

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