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4 - 8 Players | 10 - 15 Min | 8+ Age


Renowned Mediums race to figure out a secret object that their teammate—a Spirit—is trying to communicate. Mediums take turns asking their Spirits questions about the secret object. But there’s a catch—Spirits work in mysterious ways, and only write the first few letters of each answer on the Spirit Pad. Figure out the answers to the questions, and guess the secret object before the other team to win!


Each team has 1 Spirit and up to 3 Mediums. Spirits write out clues to help their Mediums guess the Secret Object.

As a Medium, you either Ask a Question (to get a Clue about the Secret Object)  – OR –  Guess the Object (and win the game) On your turn, ask your Spirit a question about the Secret Object.


They’ll respond with the first few letters of an answer. Your Spirit writes the answer to the Question, but here’s the catch: you call “Silencio” when you think you know what your Spirit is writing, and they stop writing. You’ll be able to see the answers the opposing Spirit gives—but you won’t know what question they were asked!

Phantom Ink - Game

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